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Allison exports

About us

Some words about us

Allison Exports Pvt. Ltd. has grown considerably and cemented its position as a trusted and preferred vendor to well known companies around the globe. In addition to servicing the Apparel and Home Textile manufacturing needs of major international corporations, the company has also partnered with many smaller clients around the globe, and has grown with them over the years.

Allison Exports Pvt. Ltd. is the One Stop destination for Hospital Wear, Hotel Bed Sheets and Towels, Home Furnishing, Shopping Bags, Pyjamas for Men's, Women's & Kids, Fashion Garments etc..

  • Mission - To deliver quality and client Satisfaction.
  • Skills
    • Being the exporters of Apparel and Home Textile...
    • we completely focus on the quality standards.
    • Adopt the ethical work practice.
    • Meet the client expectations and deadlines. • Adopt innovative solutions to maintain the quality of the export garment.
  • Clients - Our clients have remained with us over the years and we enjoy preferred vendor status with many of them. They have taken note of our commitment and diligence and this has reflected in their continuing support of our company among the vast array of choices available to them.

Meet our team


Moses Dharmadas

Managing Director


Allen Jacob Rajakumar

Managing Director


Raquel Sainz Flores

Managing Director

Do not seek to change what has come before. Seek to create that which has not.

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Address: Chennai Office 2 Kaveri Street,
Thiruvalluvar Nagar,
Pammal, Chennai-75.
Phone: 044 - 48577912
Email info@allisonexports.in
Address:Spain OfficeAvenida Paises Catalanes
SP Y SP(Tarragona)
Phone: +34685013723
Email info@allisonexports.in